A Workout as Simple as Breathing

New moms (and really any mom or human!) can benefit from focusing on their breathing. There are many benefits from breathing – who knew!  While our breath sustains us, it can also protect us, relax us and help us heal after giving birth. Breathwork connects the abdominal & pelvic floor muscles that have worked so hard to support your newborn the last 9 month in utero are also the same muscles that help support your movement (and internal organs!) The expansion and contraction of your core & pelvic floor is directly related to your breathing and that’s where we begin when training postpartum. It is the first step to reconnecting with your core & pelvic floor and restoring function. You can start practicing intentional breathing right after giving birth.
Take it slow, controlled and start a little at a time. Following the tips in the image your breathwork  focuses on the expansion and contraction of 360 degrees of your core. If you’d like to learn more about breath work and your body in the early postpartum phase, schedule a 15min intro call to learn more about postpartum personal training and get your questions answered.
Breath in & expand/relax, Breath out & contract/give yourself a hug!
Breathwork tips