Building Strength for Motherhood

Postpartum training is designed around your goals, and developed to help restore core and pelvic floor function, improve strength & mobility and progress you towards your fitness goals & endurance for chasing toddlers. Whether you just gave birth or are years into motherhood — let’s make the space for you.

Restore Core & Pelvic Floor Function

This is a common goal for many new moms that is among the first we address and one that can be achieved through progressive training. Let’s learn how your breath plays a vital role in both these areas, reactivating and strengthening these muscles to help you decrease abdominal separation and not have to worry about jumping or sneezing again.

Strength & Mobility for Motherhood

Motherhood is a physical job. Feeding Infants, lifting babies in and out of cribs, carrying car seats, getting down and back up again from the floor – there are so many fundamental movements you perform throughout your day. Let’s train for it & set you up for success, not injury.

Ambitions & Goals Beyond Recovery

Becoming a mom changes you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have personal training goals for the future. Whether you want to return to running, learn a new skill or just set aside time for you where you can feel strong & accomplished – your training journey doesn’t end in motherhood – it’s just the start of where you’d like to go next!

Postpartum Training

All training is customized around your specific circumstances and goals. Whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth, gave birth yesterday or years ago, let’s make a plan to meet your goals and progress your postpartum recovery.

+ Restore core & pelvic floor function
+ Improve strength and mobility
+ Endurance for motherhood

Work Together

Even if you’re…6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years postpartum, personal training can support you

It’s never too late to prioritize your wellness and achieve your goals.

It’s never too late to begin postpartum personal training, especially if you are experiencing any lingering challenges from childbirth – low back aches, rounded shoulders from feeding, reduced core strength, peeing unexpectedly or just not feeling like yourself again. I’ve had clients who are years past childbirth who have seen great benefits in both their physical health and overall energy with training.

Training can take place where you need it to. Need to get out of the house? Come train at my in-home studio near downtown Grand Rapids. Need your toddler to nap? Let’s train at your house – no need for a clean house, just some space between couches works well! Wanting to get some fresh air as well – let’s meet outdoors at a park. Tight on schedule and have an open space at work? Lunch breaks can also be movement breaks to energize you for the rest of your day. Or we can always meet virtually regardless of location. I am flexible depending on your situation and needs.

Absolutely not! Your body experiences significant changes over an extended period of time while pregnant, in labor and while caring for a newborn, toddler, etc. Alignment, strength gains and tips & strategies can be implemented at any postpartum stage to help support you.
If it’s been weeks, months or even years postpartum, it’s never too late to start personal training!

Personal Training is personal – so if you are in a stage where your general fitness level or performance goals are the main focus – that is what we’ll focus on. If you are pregnant or postpartum, we will focus on training for that stage of life. I am certified in personal training all individuals to support you in whatever stage of life you are in, including specializing in prenatal & postpartum training.

Postpartum is a unique situation where you are recovering from a very physical event! Training depends on how far postpartum you are, but in general we will focus on core and pelvic floor restoration, foundational moves you will perform throughout motherhood and mobility work. Strength Training is fundamental for all stages of wellness, but especially when carrying a little one. We focus on this through variety of ways – through body weight exercises, free weights, TRX or banded resistance exercises. We can also incorporate Cardio, Mobility and Relaxation/Meditation depending on your goals. Many of my further postpartum clients also appreciate hitting a boxing bag for stress relief!

Training is customized depending on your space and goals and so equipment will vary. I can provide equipment to use during our in-person training sessions or plan your training to utilize what you have available to you. It’s amazing what we can do with just your body weight or adding in a simple resistance band!

We can make almost any space work, even if it’s a multi-functional space such as a bedroom or living room. You do not need a dedicated “workout only” area of your home, just enough space to safely move. I can help you arrange your space to safely accommodate your needs.

Absolutely. This is the reason I pursued training postpartum women, after experiencing my own cesarean recovery and not finding the support I wanted and needed during my recovery. Regardless of if you had a c-section or vaginal birth, postpartum specific training will help your body recover. Strength training will aid your recovery regardless of your method of birth. Alignment, foundational movements and arm & leg strength are key to safely lifting your new born baby during the postpartum healing process, especially after a cesarean birth. We will talk through your birth experience to ensure that we train in a way that supports your specific set of circumstances and goals.

Childbirth is one of the most amazing and life changing journeys a woman can go through. I want you to feel strong, prepared, and empowered along the way.

Ready to get started with postpartum training?

In-person training available near Grand Rapids, Michigan or virtual training anywhere.

Work Together

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Slide Her groups go deeper than nutrition and movement. They focus on whole self living. "Leah's coaching gave me the space to reflect on what I wanted in my life. The best group I was a part of was an all moms group where the focus was just to recognize the simple things of self-care while becoming a new mom and all the responsibilities that come with that. It's easy to lose yourself in the identity of motherhood but through her group I was able to give myself grace and also focus on what grounded me in my personal identity. Her groups go deeper than nutrition and movement. They focus on whole self living." - Nora Bylsma
Slide Leah individualizes for the women she coaches "I’ve been a part of several of Leah’s online accountability groups over the past two years including an 8 week personalized small group. Every group has helped me increase exercise, develop healthier eating habits, and bring a balanced mindset to my personal wellness. Leah individualizes for the women she coaches; the online workouts do not work for me, but she encourages me to find exercise that I can do. She helped me as a stay at home mom as well as after I re-entered the workforce to make incremental but lasting changes in caring better for myself. " - Lisa Hofman VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS Slide Helped me to lose 20+ pounds over the past year and experience less stress in my life
"Thanks to my health conscious, super-motivated sister I realized that I was empowered to make a change in my own life-style to improve my health and well-being. Her introduction to self-awareness and encouragement of incorporating healthy habits into one's life has helped me to lose 20+ pounds over the past year and experience less stress in my life. Thank you!" - Erin Oxford VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS
Slide She’s encouraging and walks with you every step of the way. "Leah is an amazing mentor. She’s encouraging and walks with you every step of the way. She’s positive and always gives great advice even if things aren’t going exactly as planned. I appreciate the time and positive environment that Leah creates in her space." - Shara Knapp
Slide She is very good at letting you determine your own focus and accountability level. "I have changed my eating habits, in large part because of Leah’s influence. I have always appreciated her encouraging words, even when I wasn’t in a mood to hear them! She is very good at letting you determine your own focus and accountability level, while supporting you throughout the process. And there was never a shortage of support from the accountability group, which I believe was a ripple effect of Leah’s ‘you’ve got this’ attitude. She’s a gem!" - Amanda Schnepp
Slide This was a great change catalyst for me in improving healthy habits.
"I’ve participated in several accountability groups with Leah and what I appreciate most about the experience is her authenticity as a mom, wife, and busy adult who makes her health and wellness a priority in a way that others can relate to. She is very knowledgeable and provides fact-based information on various health topics. The community within these coaching groups provides a great support network in addition to her coaching and guidance. Having someone who is relatable, knowledgeable, and being surrounded with a positive community was a great change catalyst for me in improving healthy habits." - Kim Boettcher VIEW ALL TESTIMONIALS
Slide I appreciated her realistic coaching for goal setting and the accountability "I really enjoyed being part of a wellness group, coached by Leah. I appreciated her realistic coaching for goal setting and the accountability of checking in with the group. Working out and working on fitness goals is so much more fun in a group. I appreciated that I could fit the workouts into my schedule, and check for encouragement from Leah anytime during the day! Super-motivational." - M.

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From the age of 3 Leah has been involved in movement…from gymnastics to dance, rock climbing to volleyball. Movement has always been a way to express and release emotion, challenge herself and grow both physically and mentally. Her passion for movement led her to a BA in Physical Education & Health Education, Certification as a NASM Personal Trainer, specializations in Boxing Instruction, TRX Suspension Training, and focuses in Meditation and Self-Myofascial Release, and her passion project of becoming a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.

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