You are Unique, your Workout should be too!

Your body goes through so many shifts, adjustments, changes, etc. during the process of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum. Your journey may follow the ‘textbook’ description of what can occur, but chances are there may be a few reroutes along the way.
Having a Certified Trainer help you navigate movement & exercise during the phases of becoming a mom can put your mind at ease, gain insights into your own body and help you prepare for birth and restoration after.  Whether you want the endorphins to help your mood, strength improvements for lifting toddlers or carrying carseats, learning how to work with your body for improved labor outcomes, balancing out the rounded shoulders of feeding/carrying/lifting your newborn – this is what personal training can do for you depending on your needs. It will shift and morph depending on your energy levels, what stage of pregnancy or postpartum you are in, how your body feels and what you need that day – this is what makes personal training unique – each session is personalized just for you!
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