Your patient has decided to take part in a prenatal or postpartum personal training program. I have been certified in proper pre and postnatal exercise design by PROnatal Fitness™. The program I would be conducting with your patient meets all ACOG Guidelines, and includes:

  • Proper deep core training to prevent pregnancy pains, prepare for labor, and expedite recovery
  • Postural and alignment work to prevent and reduce pains/injuries/falls
  • Functional strength training to prevent pregnancy pains and prepare for the activities of motherhood
  • Appropriate aerobic conditioning to reap health benefits and prepare for energy demands of labor
  • Education on pain/injury prevention and proper recovery
  • Safely returning client to postpartum daily & athletic activity, including postural, core & pelvic floor considerations

Your patient’s safety is my utmost priority, and I will always ensure she is listening to her body and working at a level that is safe and appropriate for her body.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Leah Muir