Looking for a little retreat this winter?

Wellness in Winter is Hard…

The colder weather, decreased sunlight, cuddled in extra layers, reduced access to fresh fruits & veggies all make it harder to pursue what we typically think of as wellness. But what is also important in wellness – and perhaps the foundation for all we think wellness to be is REST – and rest pairs perfectly with winter.

The frigid cold of winter begs us to stay warm. The frozen ponds signal reflection. The snowy muted sounds give space for thought. Winter is an ideal time to huddle in, slow down and store up for what is yet to come. And as beautiful and desirable as stillness is, it is often the hardest to achieve.
Intentional time to slow down is needed, but often fleeting, especially as a mom. So I encourage you to stop the hustle (that season is past), tell your partner, your kids, yourself  you need designated quiet time. Push the to-do lists aside (or write them all out for later) and find time to slow down – close your eyes, nap, breathe, meditate, just be.

And if finding the time on your own just isn’t happening – join me on a 1 day retreat into rest. The mid winter wellness retreat will include nourishing food, gentle movement, stillness and reflection. Sometimes we need others to help us slow down – I know I do!
My hope is that amidst this full life you are living there is space for rest too.
Details for this opportunity are below – feel free to email me at leah@muirwellness.com if you have any questions.
And remember, it’s okay to rest.

Retreat Details

Saturday, February 26th OR Sunday, February 27th
(space is limited to 7 participants each day)
1 day Retreat: 9am-5pm
Cost: $60 (includes refreshments, lunch, workout, workshop materials)
Where: Ensley Township, MI (45 minute drive north of downtown Grand Rapids, MI)
– Morning Arrival with Light Refreshments
– Stillness & Reflection Workshop
– Mobility & Breathwork Session
– Nourishing Lunch prepared for you
– Exploring Wooded Trails
– Dedicated time to Journal
All attendees must be symptom free (see retreat registration for details regarding cancellation)
Mid Winter Wellness Retreat