A few of my favorite things…

There are many things I like, quiet mornings, nourishing meals made for me, a body that moves and functions like I want, energy that is sustained…but not all these things are attainable every single day, especially as a mom! There are a few tools I use frequently that help me work towards these favorable things. Here’s a quick list of what I use. (and shared with my retreat guests most recently!) It may fit in your life, it may not – but if you’d like to give them a try, let me know and we can see how they could work for you. And if you come to a future retreat I can offer you a peaceful morning and nourishing meals made for you as well!

1. Foam Rollers

If you haven’t tried foam rolling, I highly recommend it. Good to start or end your day, stretch out after sitting/being at a computer/feeding or carrying a little one around, etc. I love a 36″ length so I can lay on my back and open up my chest for a good stretch as well as roll out the knots in all the major muscle groups. It helps with mobility, muscle recovery and just feeling good in your body. Let me know if you’d like to learn how to foam roll – it’s a favorite of mine to teach. A savvy client found a deal on one of my favorite rollers here!

2. Energize

Need a little pep with a side benefit of anti viral properties, increased muscle endurance and natural ingredients? This supplement can be used before your workout or for a low dose caffeine kickstart (from green tea) whenever needed. My favorite flavor is lemon added to sparkling water – it’s like the energy bursts to life in me!

3. Nutrition on the Go

I like whole food – I want the veggies, the fruits, the meat, but truth is life is busy and instead of grabbing the quickest, easiest food available (usually chips, crackers, NOT whole food) I needed something to fill in on the busy days of motherhood. This not only satisfied me, it also filled in some nutritional gaps I wasn’t getting even while eating whole foods. Because some of the best nutrients out there aren’t always available to us (those found in roots & seeds & in far away places!) So while I still like my apples and carrots, I also feel full, satisfied and content knowing I’ve fueled my body well after finishing a shake on the go.
Curious how these can fit in your life? Schedule a quick 15 minute intro call so we can see what would work best for you at this stage of life. Nutrition, Movement, Equipment should all be personalized to each individual – because you are all unique and special. Let’s Chat!
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